Elections company threatens Arizona GOP chairwoman over election fraud comments

Elections company threatens Arizona GOP chairwoman over election fraud comments

U.S. Dominion Inc. is sending Arizona’s Republican Party head a warning that her comments about election fraud could end up getting her sued.

The company’s legal team included Chairwoman Dr. Kelli Ward in their list of several written warnings over comments disparaging their product.

“Dominion is prepared to defend its good name and set the record straight,” wrote Thomas Clare, a lawyer representing the company. “Litigation regarding these issues is imminent.”

Ward was outspoken in her criticism of Dominion voting machines used in Arizona in the November election.

The letter was obtained by 12News.

Audits of ballots and subsequent legal challenges by Ward and others didn’t produce evidence of widespread fraud as she and others had repeatedly said took place.

One video published by the Arizona Republican Party showed Ward claiming to “expose Dominion” in a way that should “terrify every single American.”

“Six thousand votes switched from President Trump to former Vice President Joe Biden in the vital swing state of Michigan no less,” Ward said, ticking off a number of situations that appeared to corrupt elections due to Dominion-related issues. “All roads lead to Dominion, it seems. The Canadian company is one of three voting softwares primarily used in American elections. Oddly enough, almost every single state, down to the county, that’s being challenged implements Dominion.”

She cites Sydney Powell, a member of Trump’s legal team facing a lawsuit from Dominion, in Dominion’s voting systems’ weaknesses and referencing their ties to Democratic politicians.

“If we can spend years investigating fake Russia collusion claims, surely, we can take a deeper look into all of these irregularities tied to Dominion,” Ward said.

Dominion also demanded Ward preserve any communication between herself and anyone affiliated with the Trump campaign, his attorneys, and others who helped in drafting her statements about election rigging.

Ward didn’t respond to a request for comment regarding the letter.

The Arizona state Senate announced an agreement between them and the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Wednesday, with the board reportedly agreeing to turn over the equipment. The county officials denied they had made any such arrangement.

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