Red State CPAC Report 008-0945-28 Feb 2021 – RedState

Report 006-0900-27 Feb 2021 – RedState

Red State CPAC Report 008-0945-28 Feb 2021

Good Morning, Red State! Welcome back to CPAC 2021! This is Report # 8. It’s a bright sunshiny day here in Orlando. Advance security has been here since early morning setting up to screen folks as efficiently as possible.

If yesterday was exciting, today is going to be off the chain here in the Hyatt Grand Ballroom. As usual, folks are here early to get good seats for the main event, which doesn’t start until after 3 this afternoon. On a side note, every political event involving ”audience participation,” as it were, continues to drive home what even a blind man could clearly see; There is no way in the full light of day, that I will ever personally believe that the obviously demented, girl groper now residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, garnered anywhere near 80 million votes. Born at night folks, just not last night.

But on to more pleasant thoughts..those being the regular American Deplorables, Bitter Clingers, Flyover Country Residents and my personal favorite, Cletus , that well known, illiterate Jabroni. These folks have something to say. Many of them are choosing sartorial expression to voice their thoughts. Here are just a few of them.

Taken by Mike Ford. Used with permission.
Taken by Mike Ford. Used with permission.
Taken by Mike Ford. Used with permission.

Stay tuned as we move towards peak pressure throughout the morning and early afternoon.

My colleagues are busy running to ground your concerns and writing about their findings. That process will continue well after this event and on through 2022…and beyond.

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