Protesters in Portland Smash Windows at Democratic Headquarters

Protesters in Portland Smash Windows at Democratic Headquarters

More than 200 protesters wearing black apparel gathered in Portland, Ore., on Wednesday afternoon, marching against the government, the police and President Biden, and vandalizing the local headquarters of the Democratic Party.

In a city that has seen months of demonstrations over racial injustice, economic inequality, federal law enforcement and corporate power, protesters have vowed to continue their actions no matter who is president. Those who took to the streets on Wednesday said they were a mix of anarchists, antifa and racial justice protesters.

The group marched to the local Democratic headquarters, where some people smashed windows and tipped over dumpsters, lighting the garbage inside one of them on fire.

“We are ungovernable,” one sign in the crowd said. Another said, “We don’t want Biden,” but punishment of those guilty for things such as killings by the police.

Before the crowd began Wednesday’s demonstration, police officers arrived on the scene, seizing poles that were being used to hold a banner. The officers later scuffled with protesters who were demanding that they leave the area.

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