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We’ve seen a lot of things that liberals say seem to be more about political agenda than facts.

Take mass shootings for example. One would think that if one truly cared about stopping mass shootings, that one would look at places where they happen a lot, like Chicago, and concentrate on the factors that made them prevalent, such as gangs. But here we are on the brink of another summer and every year the same thing happens, I have to report on shootings and people being killed every weekend, often with innocent people being hit in the crossfire.

But we’ll hear about the ‘evil AR-15’ and how we have to ban it, and the random shooting somewhere else, almost as if they didn’t give a darn about those folks being shot every weekend in Chicago and some other prominent cities.

There’s a similar disconnect when it comes to hate crimes against black people.

There’s a perception, projected mostly by the media, that hate crimes against black people are on the rise. Part of that is stoked by folks like Black Lives Matter and the attention paid cases like that of George Floyd. Not to mention media constantly flaming the fans of racism at every turn, suggesting it’s in every thing and there are “white supremacists” around every corner.

Townhall noticed liberal blogger Kevin Drum’s reporting on some interesting graphs. Drum found when he checked FBI statistics, that it was far from true that such crimes were on the rise. Indeed, anti-black crime has plummeted since 2008. It had been 126 incidents per million in 2004 to 70 per million in 2019. That’s a pretty big drop. And no, it didn’t rise under President Donald Trump, it’s stayed lower at about that point. He also found that the National Crime Victimization survey showed “violent assaults on Black people have gone down by nearly half since 2005, far more than violent assaults in general. In this case, however, the decline has been fairly steady over the entire period.”

Now while Drum notes that the FBI and the NCVS aren’t the only statistics out there, they’re pretty reliable and a good indicator of probably where we are at.

That’s good news and not what we’re often being sold by the media. Now any such crime is still something we should be calling out and condemning. But no, we’re not back in Jim Crow 2.0 because Joe Biden doesn’t like a Georgia election law.
When you make everything about racism, then you’re actually diminishing real cases and what Jim Crow really was historically.

As Townhall observed, there was one good example of how much media tends to distort on reality. When people were asked hoe many unarmed black men were killed by police in 2019 in a survey commissioned by Skeptic Research Center, nearly half of all liberals, 44 percent thought that the number was somewhere between 1,000 and 10,000 men. Instead the number was 27.

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